Protect Chaco Canyon!

Tell the BLM and State Leaders No More Leasing near Chaco!

Chaco Culture National Historic Park, a World Heritage Site, preserves a major prehistoric center of ceremony and trade in the Four Corners region. Natural beauty and cultural significance meet in this corner of northwestern New Mexico where ruins, artifacts, and other archeological sites radiate from Chaco Canyon’s cultural epicenter. Chaco and many sites in the Greater Chaco Region continue to be sacred for modern-day Pueblo, Navajo and other tribes who share a connection with this landscape through their cultural ties that are woven into it.

Proposed expansions of oil and gas development on nearby Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands continue to threaten special cultural areas both within and outside of the Park. Infrastructure such as roads, powerlines, pipelines, pump jacks, tanks, generators, and processing plants fragment wildlife habitat and impact the cultural landscape while flaring of oil and gas wells results in air pollution and impacts the dark night skies Chaco and the Four Corners region currently boast. With a majority of BLM lands here already leased to industry, let’s tell the BLM and State leaders – NO MORE!

Our public lands belong to all Americans and should not be sacrificed for the interests and profit of industry. Sign below to demand BLM ensures protection for Chaco's cultural landscape. 

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