Pearce Legislation to release Wilderness Study Areas

In September, Congressman Steve Pearce introduced H.R. 3478, the Luna and Hidalgo Counties Wilderness Study Area Release Act of 2015. Like his opposition to Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument, Congressman Pearce once again demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the value of our national public lands. Releasing WSAs and sacrificing the few remaining roadless areas in the ecologically import bootheel is short-sited and out of touch with New Mexican values. 

The premise of this legislation is inaccurate.  The bill claims that the WSAs have been deemed unsuitable and should be released for other purposes.  It is unfortunate that Congressman Peace introduced this legislation without a public process.  Wilderness Study Areas should not be exploited for private short term gain, they are roadless public lands managed for their wilderness characteristics, habitat and recreation.