Protect the State's Last Free Flowing River

Originating in America's first designated wilderness area, New Mexico's Gila River is a biological gem.

But New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez will soon decide whether to OK a billion-dollar boondoggle that could destroy this river as we know it. The project is unnecessary because the area's water needs can be met by other proven means -- through conservation, groundwater management, water recycling and watershed restoration. 

A Gila River diversion doesn't make sense:  It is expensive, with costs over $1 billion, will yield little water after evaporation and leaky reservoirs, and it will negatively impact the Gila's fragile ecology including six threatened and endangered species. Plus, southwest New Mexico's long-term water needs can be addressed by using AWSA funding to implement local community water projects that will save the taxpayer money and protect the Gila River for future generations.

Take action below by urging Gov. Martinez to support cost-effective, non-diversion alternatives to protect the Gila and secure New Mexico's water future.