Don't Let The Fox Mountain Female Fall

It was a dark week in Washington state where six wolves from the  Wedge Pack were killed in three days including the alpha female. Yesterday, the alpha male was killed by a sharpshooter from a helicopter. It is not known what happened to the pups.

The death of the alpha pair and four adult wolves ends the Wedge Wolf Pack in Washington.

Washington killed the Wedge Pack because of 17 accused attacks on cows at the nearby Diamond M Ranch. Now there are only seven confirmed packs left in the remote, rugged forests of northeast Washington.

Here in the Southwest, let us not follow the mistakes and senseless killing that now plagues recovery in the Northern Rockies.

Let us stand firm that the removal or killing of critically endangered wolves is NOT a solution to livestock conflicts.

New Mexico state officials implemented a kill order for the alpha female of the Fox Mountain wolf pack because of "livestock depredation" but your calls and emails flooded the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) office and they withdrew the order to kill her.

You proved citizen action works! In the past few weeks, news stories, editorials, and guest columns about the Fox Mountain pack’s plight have appeared in the press all over the country.  The public outcry on behalf of these critically endangered wolves can not be ignored.

Public support helped U.S. Congressman Grijalva send the USFWS a letter expressing strong concerns about plans to take the Fox Mountain alpha female from her family and place her in permanent captivity. The Fox Mountain alpha female should not live her life in the prison of captivity.

As long as she continues to run free there is hope to save her from a life in captivity. We need to keep the pressure on. Keep your voices loud and strong for the Fox Mountain alpha, one of only 58 wolves left in the Southwest.

Dr. Benjamin Tuggle

US Fish and Wildlife Service Southwest Region

Fax:(505) 248-6788