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Ask Gov. Martinez to Say "No" to the Gila River Diversion Proposal

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez will soon decide whether to OK a billion-dollar boondoggle that could destroy this river as we know it.

The project is unnecessary because the area's water needs can be met by other proven means—through conservation, groundwater management, water recycling and watershed restoration.

  E-mail Gov. Martinez.

Your Participation Needed to Guide Forest Service Planning in the Cibola

The Forest Service is working on updating the Cibola National Forest Land Resource Management Plan, which has not been done in 29 years, and many of the comments received by the agency so far have been anti-wilderness.

We need your help to step up in favor of wilderness!  Please comment on why wilderness is important to you and the Cibola.

You can also suggest areas within the forest that you believe have potential for wilderness designation using an online map tool here. Just use this website to draw shapes around the areas you would like to see designated. Wilderness area characteristics that you may consider when making recommendations include lack of roads, human presence and other factors that make it a safe haven for natural habitats. You can also view comments from others and make your own comments on your proposed  designations.

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